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Who Has the Biggest Cock in Porn?

Who Has the Biggest Cock in Porn?

By Lord Marblerod

There’s so much talk around office water coolers and in ladies restrooms these days about Who Has the Biggest Cock in Porn? In these Modern Times where the ultra-privacy of the Internet empowers natural curiosity, even that nice Mormon girl in the blue denim birth control dress at the Office can surprise you with an erudite opinion as to who wields the mightiest cock in the Porn Business. One thing that is an absolute in Porn is the domination of Blacks and especially African Americans as swinging the biggest meat in the Industry. In fact, for purposes of this article, I’ll dispense with the usual unspoken convention that the man is Caucasian unless otherwise indicated.  To better represent reality, whenever the talk turns to giant cocks, the man is Black unless an otherwise is mentioned.

Three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year and Porn Industry legend Lexington Steele’s 11 inch cock is of course huge, but both Jack Napier and ManDingo are even bigger- thicker and longer. As ManDingo’s cock is slightly longer than Napier’s and every bit as thick, ManDingo’s legitimate 12 inch cock is the largest of the cocks yet mentioned. Napier is frequently filmed at less than total erection, so there appears to be some issues for him in achieving and/or sustaining the hard-on most want to see in their porn. ManDingo’s cock on the other hand is the rarest of the rare- it seems to stay ferociously hard despite its monster size. Speaking of ‘monsters’, the famous ‘Monsters of Cock’ site, has two contenders for the title of the Biggest Cock in Porn in ‘Ramon’ and ‘Castro’. Neither Ramon or Castro seem as big as ManDingo however, and in fact both typically seem somewhat smaller than Napier. It bears mention that an occasional photo of Ramon displays a cock every bit as thick and perhaps even longer than ManDingo’s. I see no evidence of photo-doctoring in these pictures, so it can be argued that Ramon is a full rival for ManDingo on the rare occasion when Ramon’s cock is at full expression. The monster cock continuum is thus far (from smallest monster to largest monster)- Steele, Castro, Napier, Ramon, and then ManDingo. Yet even so, ManDingo does not have The Biggest Cock in Porn. Drumroll please…

The Biggest Cock in Porn belongs to Tony Duncan, billed as ‘Mr. Eighteen Inch”. If ManDingo’s cock at full erection is 12 inches, Duncan’s is a majestic 13 inches- minimum. Tony is quite tall, bespectacled and seems a bit of an overgrown nerd. With Tony however, ‘overgrown’ has taken on a special beneficence. Many of Duncan’s movies have women sucking him off while languidly jacking him with both hands. Duncan’s cock is so enormous in fact, the cheeks of his fellatrix bulge alarmingly and even with both hands separately grasping Duncan’s shaft, a good five or six inches of ebony schlong is still visible. Duncan’s cock has a dorsal vein thicker and longer than a Ticonderoga Number Two pencil coursing down the length of its shaft. When Duncan’s cock is tightly grasped, the dorsal vein thickens to about the size of a man’s little finger. Despite the fact that Duncan is often filmed at less than full-erection, the head of his cock is seldom smaller than a good-sized avocado. Unlike the theatrics often displayed on and other such sites, the jaw distress evinced by a woman attempting to suck Duncan’s cock seems completely genuine and is lent further credibility by jaw muscles banded as if in maximal exertion.

Other oft-mentioned contenders for the title of the Biggest Cock In Porn are Shane Diesel, Whitezilla, Brandon Iron, and Danny Dong. Diesel’s cock is impressively thick and has head size to rival even Tony Duncan’s. Diesel’s cock is also the most vascular big cock in the porn industry, virtually writhing with veins. Diesel’s cock however, isn’t as long as Lexington Steele’s so Diesel cannot be considered seriously as the King of Cock. Caucasian Whitezilla has thickness to rival Diesel’s and seems roughly equal in length. Whitezilla’s erection epitomizes what is meant by ‘achieving’ an erection.  Surely some award should be given for the baseball-bat like turgidity of the Whitezilla boner? Our second Caucasian under consideration, Danny Dong has the curious ability to appear virtually as formidable as ManDingo’s in one film and considerably less redoubtable the next. Overall, Dong’s dong rivals Lexington Steele in length, but is somewhat less ‘girthy’. Danny Dong produces the most prolific money shot of all monster cocks and- viewed in slow motion- has ejaculated upwards of ten great, looping arcs of viscous baby batter that leave his partner’s face appearing much like a freshly-glazed donut. Our third Caucasian, Brandon Iron has a massive rod that is unquestionably the most ‘upright’ and fiercely erect of the huge cocks under consideration. Iron’s cock is thicker than Steele’s and only slightly shorter. A relatively new entry to the list is monster cock-wielder ‘Manaconda’. Manaconda is however not quite as thick nor as long as ManDingo, so he falls short. ‘Manaconda’ should be given props for having the best Porn Industry name of All-Time, bar none.

In the end, the Biggest Cock in Porn belongs to ‘Mr. Eighteen Inch himself. Although nowhere near the 18 inches claimed by Duncan’s website, Tony Duncan’s cock at a jaw-breaking 13-14 inches is still the largest functioning human cock ever known to Porn. ManDingo should be given props as having the largest cock to consistently achieve full-erection in Porn. An interesting note is that among our contenders for the Biggest Cock in Porn, only Danny Dong specializes in the ‘cum shot’, the so-called ‘money shot’ or ‘facial’ that  remains the bread and butter of the Porn Business. Industry insiders say that ManDingo can rarely ejaculate on film more than once per day, which is- tellingly, perhaps- typical for the mundane ejaculatory performance of our Monsters of Cock. However that even imaginary gardens have serpents, in the end would most men rather have the spritzer-like semen production of a Peter North (and his near-rival Danny Dong), or the ability of a ManDingo or Tony Duncan to make women gasp, goggle in pop-eyed astonishment and go weak in the knees?

In my estimation, if men were given the choice of moderate function with monster size ala Tony Duncan, or the  moderate size with the super function of a Peter North, most men would choose monster size. Whether you believe in magic or not, Tony Duncan’s cock is akin to a wish granted by the most benevolent of uncorked genies. It’s that very ‘wish-fulfilled’ monstrous size of Tony Duncan’s cock that makes it easily the Biggest Cock in Porn- yet make NO mistake, ManDingo, Ramon, Jack Napier, Castro, Manaconda, Lexington Steele, Shane Diesel, Whitezilla, Danny Dong, and Brandon Iron all swing major league meat in their own right.